The Flight Incident

Being a professional videographer takes you to many locations and sets. It's something I love about this job and I'm surely grateful for that. You can find yourself shooting stuff in beautiful islands ,in scenic villages on mountains ,skyscrapers, bridges the list can go on for ever... 

All the above of course have one thing in common. Your feet are stuck to the ground and that feels good I must say. It's kind safe! 

But what happens when there is no ground? 
Well adrenaline happens! 
And it's awesome! 

That's the only word I can find to describe the experience I had a few days ago , shooting a short documentary film about flying training with Olympus Aviation Academy. I'm a pretty frequent air traveler myself , used to the big commercial airplanes most of us are familiar with. Lots of space to move around during flight , smooth movement and hot coffee on the way. 

Well , flying with small "Cessna" type planes is a whole different ball game! They shake a lot and maneuver faster , imagine a rollercoaster but in mid air! Now also imagine two videographers with their gear in hand , trying to get some dissent footage while on air , picturing the pilot and copilot on the front doing their thing , which of course is flying. 

It was a great experience and one I won't forget for a long time! So here's a few pictures I managed to take when not shooting video. A short photo-doc of the day. Of course when flying I was occupied with capturing video , so no pics showing the actual flight. 

We arrived in the airfield of Nea Kavala , Kilkis around 3pm. Although the day started with sunshine the weather soon turned a bit and we could see dark clouds gathering and the wind getting stronger. It looked like rain.

Getting ready for the flight at the Flight control center or "Tower Control" for those who speak the pilot tounge.

Off we go...

We flew with cpt. Stavros Anastasiadis on a Seneca III / PA-34. A small two engine plane that can carry six people , two crew members and four passengers.

Setting up our gear inside the plane. This can only be done before take off. Once on air no changes can be made.

Checking and double checking. Flight control means safe flight.

Seconds before take off. Me and my good friend Polis in the passengers seats thinking about what lays ahead , taking a last look at the good old solid ground. Anyone having second thoughts?

This "looking out the window" pic is the last photograph I took before we went up in the sky. I was really busy taking video that I totally forgot to take any pictures while on air. Just before we took off rain began to fall.

Billy , our director , stayed on the ground to take some footage of us in the air. As we landed the clouds and the rain had already been gone living behind a beautiful rainbow.

The shooting continued on the ground with cpt. Stavros Anastasiadis talking about flight training.

Aliki , our sound engineer , being excited about flying.

Refueling the Cessna for a few more laps.

Young pilots inspecting the Cessna.

Wrapping up. It's been a blast!

Stavros Anastasiadis is at the head of training in Olympus Aviation Academy.

He is and ex-air force veteran with over 13000 hours of flight experience on his back , both with military and civilian aircrafts. He is being considered as one of the best Flight Instructors in Greece and we are proud to have met him.

Borderline between heaven and earth

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