VERSUS featured article on La Grece Jaime

There are some people and their works we are particularly fond of at La Grèce J’aime. One of them is cinematographer Thanasis Protatos who we feel we are karma-connected with as a number of coincidences brought him our way just before launching LGJA back in June 2013.

Thanasis is the director of “the Journey” which was nominated the Award of Excellence at the international Accolade Competition in 2013 and this year he needs our support for his entry at the Short Movies NIKON European Film Festival.

NIKON European Film Festival 2015 Versus

His 3-minute film “Versus” touches the issue of people suffering from cancer and shows a different perspective by interpreting the issue in a most fresh way. The story takes place in a hospital where life and death march alongside and the question raised after watching Versus is: Could the end be marking a new beginning?
Survivors of the disease and actors cooperated with the director for a minimal non-dramatic film that manages to pass its message and make us think and raise awareness.

NIKON European Film Festival 2015 Versus

As the director himself says, “Cancer is a disease and as many other diseases it is one with many loses. It is definitely not an easy fight but talking about it and participating in that fight can bring a victory through going from darkness to the light of life.”

Story/Concept: Daniela Damianidou-Vasilis Theodoulidis
DOP/Steady Operator: Giannis Vlachopoulos
Editing: Thanasis Protatos
MUA: Ariadni Makri-Anastasia Kasiola
Backstage Photography: Socrates Manousaridis
Directed by Thanasis Protatos

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