Encounters with Ivry Gitlis

Ivry Gitlis needs no introduction to those who love classical music. To the ones that don't know the name , let me start by saying that Ivry Gitlis is one of best violinists in the world! I would dare to say a musical mastermind of our time.

Born in Haifa , Palenstine , to Jewish immigrants from Russia, Ivry Gitlis had a passion for the violin from an early age. When Bronisław Huberman heard him play he invited to Paris , France where he studied at the Conservatoire de Paris, where he won a first prize, aged 13. His teachers include Carl Flesch, George Enescu, and Jacques Thibaud. In 1951, Gitlis made his debut in Paris.

This was the beginning of a great carrier in classical music for Ivry Gitlis. From live performances with John Lennon and the Rolling Stones to concerts with the most respected orchestras in the world there is no doubt Gitlis is a unique artist.

During the 70th anniversary honoring the first deportation of Thessaloniki's Jews to Auschwitz-Birkenau death camps , Ivry Gitlis visited the city and attended the honoring festivities as a guest of honor. He also gave a masterclass for the students of Thessaloniki French Institute , in memory of all the students of the Institute that were also persecuted during the war.

For me it was a great honor to participate in the masterclass and have the chance to meet Ivry Gitlis in person , listen to his words and share with him his passion for music. Truly an unforgettable experience with a man full of life , energy and talent!

A very big and personal thank you to Angela Maria Arbelaez for all the trust and support.


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