Samothrace photo-retrospect

Since I almost followed Maria and Dimitri everywhere , I had the chance to take some photos when I was not shooting video. The result is a short photographic journal of our time together. 

Located on the North-east corner of the Aegean , Samothrace is just heaven on earth. An almost "tropical" like island , with a unique diversity in climate , scenery , people and food. It has one of the most dramatic profiles of all the Greek islands, second only to Thíra, Santorini, its dark mass of granite rises abruptly from the sea, culminating in the 1611m mountain Saos which in Greek means "Moon" and is the second highest mountain among the Aegean islands. The legend has it that Poseidon himself sat on it as he watched the war of Troy. No wonder this extraordinary couple chose this place for their wedding!

It all began four days prior to the wedding. Arriving in Alexandroupoli on Wednesday , I set sail onboard the SAOS II , along with the couple's family and friends , for the island of Samothrace , on a pleasant cruise that lasted no more than two hours.

Just before sunset everybody gathered outside the hotel lobby for a few drinks, some chillin' and a surprise birthday party! After that it was time for dinner in a nearby tavern.

Elvis is another proud member of Maria's family! An adorable bulldog with great appetite for chewing plastic bones and taking long naps! A true protagonist I must say. Present at all times , even during the wedding ceremony , a true gent!

During my six day staying on the island I had the chance to explore , together with Maria and Dimitri , most of its natural beauties , dip in some of the many rivers which trickle, rush and gurgle down the sides of the mountain creating ravines and waterfalls. In many places the powerful pounding of the water has carved out plunge pools known as "Vathres" ideal for cooling off once you’ve hiked up to them. 

As a result of all this water the northern side of the island is incredibly green; covered in ferns, fig trees and huge water-loving plane trees which provide much needed shade in the summer.

It's like this place has a mind of its own. The energy and micro climate are just unique and makes you feel so relaxed and peaceful. It is as if "time stops" , like Maria told me during our talks. And that is totally true.

Besides natural beauty and breathtaking sceneries , Samothrace is also known for its great variety in food and tastes. In the top of the list lays the famous grilled goat meat accompanied by good wine and company!

The exclusive of Samothraki “praousti” , a type of green/yellow prune , spoon sweet.

Panagia Krimniotissa is a small chapel that is literally hanging in the air, offering a unique view towards Pachia Ammos beach. To reach it you will have to drive uphill for a few kilometers through a smooth dirt road, but the view is worth the trouble. Without a doubt one of the most beautiful chapels in Greece!

Although I love photography very much , during the official wedding day I focused entirely on my video shooting. Thus no pictures of the actual wedding , just one of Maria getting ready.

After the wedding ceremony everybody gathered to Kapela's tavern , in Pachia Ammos beach , for a traditional dinner. Of course when most of the event came to an ease , I returned to my usual habit of taking photos along the way!


It is a custom in many places in Greece to serve the so called "gamopilapho" , which in this case was boiled rice with goat meat stew!

As the dinner is being served outside , inside the kitchen restless are the people who make everything happen! With great care and attention to detail these are the "unseen heroes" of a wedding reception.

After the dinner everybody headed for the beach where the party took place under an almost fool moon night.

The next day I followed Maria and Dimitri on their photoshoot session in various locations around the island.

By now you should realise the truth behind the words "diversity in scenery". I have never encountered anything like this in any Greek island of this size! In one place you feel like you entered a tropical rain forest and in another like you are cruising along California's West Coast!

As everything returned to its normal pace , we found ourselves relaxing again along the coastline , enjoying the view.

On the way back to the hotel everyone had a chance to reflect on past events , moments before walking down to Kamariotissa harbor , to say goodbye to some friends and family. It's Monday noon already!

As the time for departure came close everybody had a chance to say goodbye to loved ones. Spirits were high!

 Onboard SAOS II once again for the way back home , where ever home may be...

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