Destination Weddings 2013

As I mentioned before my style is "documentary". That means I don't stage anything and I never interfere with anybody when I am on a scene. I hate poses. They are fake and it's not you. What I want is let you be yourself and capture that on film. True moments. That's what event videography is all about and that's what your children would like to experience watching your wedding film in the future.

Having said that , what I'm offering is this...

a full three day coverage of your event (video+photo) that includes preparations , parties , customs and gatherings , interviews and stories with relatives and friends , the ceremony , the reception and just about anything you can imagine or will actually take place from the moment we arrive till the moment we leave again. 24 hours a day , every day! 

And to have something to compare to , the avarage cost for a wedding package is around 2500-4000 euros or even more! Just for a day's shoot... Compare that to a three day covarage with a total cost of less than 1000 euros in any European destination or even the cost of around 3000 euros to any other around the world for a crew of two and I think you will realize that this is a true offer. All the costs I mention refer ONLY to travel and accommodation expenses , nothing more. That means they are not fixed , they could be even less depending on the destination and the arrangement.

Remember that this is a testimonial for future generations. How would you like to be remembered?

Thank you all.

Thanasis Protatos
Event videographer

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