Travelling where good stories are!

Life is a journey. You might be suprised where it can take you...

Travelling to places around the world is certainly fun but travelling to places where a good story might lay is truly a life changing experience. Marked on the map below are some of the places I've been looking for the ultimate story!

Being a documentarist I am fascinated by true stories and is something I always look for. If I have the chance to capture such stories with my camera , then that for me is a blessing. 

So , if you thing your story is unique or you know someone who's story might have a positive effect on other people's lives , rise awareness , create positive reactions or just be unusual and you don't have the technical means to share it with a larger audience , just send us an email with your story and we will help you spread the word using the powerful tool of filmmaking! And the cool part is that it won't cost you a penny!

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